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Bio is founded by Dr. Vincent Uy, an optometrist who had been practicing optometry for the past 13 years, and been running his own optometry practice for 12 years.

One day, while searching how to promote his optometry office online, he landed on a site called From there, he learned about domain business through and became intrigue by how domain name can generate tons revenues for a business. He started investing on domain names and achieved moderate success on his investment. Later, he was introduced to domain brokering through watching the Domain Sherpa shows, which intrigued him even more. Late 2015 after realizing how much he’s passionate about the domain world, he decided to sell his optometry practice and to focus all his energy in domain brokering.

To Dr. Uy, domain brokering is about finding out client’s needs and objectives.  As a former business owner, Dr. Uy understands what businesses need. He understands that businesses need customers.  He wants to help businesses get customers through purchasing the right domain names.  He understands which domain names are good for which types of businesses. If you are an owner a company or a ceo of a corporation and you are looking purchase a premium domain name to expand your business, contact Dr. Uy.

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