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Frequently asked questions

Can you describe your process for brokering premium domain names?

First, we talk to you, as the buyer or the seller, to find out your true objective. Then, we undergo a signed contract agreement. After the agreement, we approach it depending on if you are a buyer or a seller.

For seller:
We would research using various domain tools to find potential companies that will benefit from your domain. We also pull out our database of companies that we had contact or have done business with, to see if they are fit for the domain name. Then, we
would email them letting them know that the domain is for sale, and if they are interested. At the same time, we reach out to our network of brokers to see if they have potential buyers that they see best fit for the domain name. We do whatever it takes
to make the maximum return for your domain.

For buyer:
If you don’t have a specific name in mind, we can figure out the possible domains that you will match your needs. We then reach out to the owner of those names to see if they are for sale. If you have a specific domain name that you want, we can start reaching
out the owner by emailing and calling to find out if the interested domain is for sale.
Next step is the negotiation step. We work closely with you through the offer and counteroffer. Once negotiation reaches a deal, we start escrow service. We initiate escrow at will email you through the escrow process. You follow the escrow process. Once escrow is closed, escrow disburse whatever it supposes to to the appropriate party.

If you are the seller, will disburse you your part of the sale minus the commission for brokerage. will disburse the appropriate amount for our brokerage fee. If you are the buyer, you will receive your domain name. You will also pay us the commission fee as agreed by the contract.

What are your standard brokerage fees?

For seller, our standard fee is 15 percent of the sales price of the domain. For buyer, it’s normally 10 percent of the sales price; however, it’s negotiable depending your need.

Do you require exclusivity?

Yes, we only work by exclusivity, generally on a 60 or 90 days contract.

What types of domain names qualify for brokerage services?

We generally work with keyword, generic, .com domains. We also work with non keyword domains that are short, either letter characters or numbers.

Do you provide Stealth Acquisition services?

Yes, we do provide Stealth Acquisition service.

Do you provide domain name appraisals?

Yes, we provide domain name appraisals for premium domain names for free of charge. Feel free to send your domains and we will let you know what we think it’s worth.

How long will it take for my domain name to sell?

It normally depends on the domain. If the domain represents products or services, it tend to sell faster. Most of our domains sell within 60 days. Some require longer time.

What types of clients do you typically work with?

We normally work with ceo’s of corporations and owners of various companies.

Do you utilize a third party escrow service for all domain name transactions?

We use for all our transactions, unless the buyer and the seller request some other ways.

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